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Instructions for Installation (Windows)

  1. Click on setup.exe. Either "Save" this file to your harddrive and double-click on it to execute it, or "Run" the installation directly from this download page. Follow the instructions.
  2. Reboot your computer for the updated path to take effect. (aML is a command line-driven program. Just double-clicking on its icon will not run aML but only open a Command Window, labeled aML Shell. To run aML, type "aml" in a Command Window. For this to work, the program files' location must be in the system's path.)
That is all; you are now ready to estimate multiprocess and multilevel models. It is critical that you first familiarize yourself with the program and its features by reading the manual's "Getting Started" and (first part of the) "User's Guide." Among others, it is important to understand that aML is a command line driven program, not your typical Windows program. (Read item 2 above again.)

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