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Instructions for Installation (SUN Solaris)

  1. Create a directory where you want to store the executable files, say, "$home/aml/bin".
  2. Download into this directory.
  3. From a command line prompt, type "unzip" to extract the executable files.
  4. Create a directory in which you want to store the sample files and programs to which the User's Manual refers, say, "$home/aml/samples." Download into that directory and extract its files.
  5. In order to run aML and its auxiliary programs, you need to add their location to the path environment variable. Under the C-shell, this may be done by adding the line "set path=($home/aml/bin $path)" to the "$home/.cshrc" file(s).
  6. Type "source $home/.cshrc" for the new path to take effect.
That is all; you are now ready to estimate multiprocess and multilevel models. It is critical that you first familiarize yourself with the program and its features by reading the manual's "Getting Started" and (first part of the) "User's Guide."

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